Sanctuary Pub


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Full Menu served until
10pm Mon-Wed
11pm Thurs-Sat


Apple & Chevre Salad  
greens with apples, walnuts, Humboldt Fog Chevre, sweet apple dressing 8.

Spinach Greens & Feta Cheese  balsamic vinaigrette 6.50
add chicken 3.

Mixed Green Salad
mixed greens, carrots, red
cabbage & tomato   5.

with Balsamic Vinaigrette, Maytag Blue Cheese
or Creamy Italian

Appetizers & Snacks

Baked Brie
rich French triple cream Brie baked in pastry with apples, crostini & apple gastrique  9.50

Roasted Cauliflower with Romesco sauce  4.50

Meat & Cheese Board   La Quercia (Iowa) Pancetta Americana,  Molinari (San Francisco) Hot Coppa,
Humboldt Fog Chevre,  Milton Iowa Old Style Cheddar, olives 15.

IPA & Maytag Blue Cheese Dip
with toasts 6.50

Sliders  choose one 5. or any two 9.    Pavelka’s Lamb gruyere & cornichon aoli
                                                                   Hake Slider
panko crusted fish, dill caper sauce

locally raised pulled pork & Milton, Iowa cheddar cheese, jalapenos & our fresh cilantro salsa 7.50

Chips & Fresh Cilantro Salsa 

Garlic Bread
herb and garlic butter 3.50

Soup  t
oday’s selection  cup 3.  bowl  5.

Curry Cashews or Smoked Almonds 


pan fried hake loins, cilantro chutney, couscous & dill cream sauce  13.

Shepherd’s Pie
local lamb, herbs, vegetables & buttermilk mashed potatoes 14.

Coq a la Biere 
chicken leg quarters braised in Belgian style brown ale, mashed potatoes & green beans  12.

Beef Stew l
ocal beef with thyme, clove & cinnamon for a new twist to a classic. served with polenta 11.

     add a cup of soup or salad 2.50

Grilled Gouda & Mushroom with caramelized onions on sourdough 8.

Neuske Ham & Fontina
applewood smoked Nueske’s ham & tangy Fontina cheese with mayo on baguette 9.
 (Boetje’s mustard available on request)

Basil Pesto Chicken
on baguette 9.

Espresso Creme Brulee  

ask for today’s flavor  5.

Warm Dark Chocolate Cake
with raspberry sauce 8.

Chocolate Sundae 5.  New York Vanilla Ice Cream 3.5


                                                                                             10"             12"               14"
                    Cheese     with tomato sauce                                9.                 12.                 15.
                                        with housemade Basil or Cilantro Pesto sauce      10.                13.                  16.

traditional toppings                                                       1.25           1.75             2.00
spicy housemade sausage        pepperoni      canadian bacon      ripe ollve     garlic        fresh  tomato
spinach     mushroom      green olive  green pepper      onion     pineapple    red  onion       jalepenos

special toppings                                                               1.50            2.00           2.50
feta cheese      artichokes      sundried tomatoes      fontina cheese      roasted red pepper       chicken

SPECIAL PIZZAS   10"-12.     12"-15.    14"-18.

Pizza Pimienta  a southwestern clinatro pesto sauce with fontinella cheese, roasted red peppers, jalpenos
green peppers & tomato. this pizza has a kick.

Pizza Fontina fontinella & mozzarella topped with fresh broccoli, tomato, mushroom & onion.
Vegetarian  mushroom, onion, greeen pepper, ripe & green olive

Pizza Margherita  mozzarella, fesh basil, fresh tomato                   

Sanctuary Special   sausage, smoked ham,pepperoni, onions, green pepper, mushroom
Lamb is raised  by Ellison & Lois Pavelka in Mount Vernon, Iowa
Beef and pork are produced by family farmers in Johnson and Washington County
Tomatoes from  Ineichens, Blue Grass, Iowa